Two weeks left.

2 Feb

First day of February and still no word on Bob Kerrey’s entry into the race. Some blogs have speculated that he is trying to keep Heinemann from entering by threatening that he will run when he has no intention to. But then why aren’t some other Democrat’s running like Steve Lathrop or Kim Robak whom the media keep referring to as possible candidates.? Are they staying out to keep out of Kerrey’s way? Two weeks left for incumbents to file to run.

I did a KOLN interview yesterday down in Lincoln which is going to be aired next week I believe. They were interviewing myself and the two other persons who have filed for the office. It was a somewhat longish interview, but of course they’ll cut it down to just seconds.


Ante up

23 Jan

Jon Bruning, the Republican attorney general, who managed to amass a fortune of $12m in a few short years from “investments” has announced he has filed papers for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate seat. He has a war chest of some $1.6m. Don Stenberg, another candidate on the gop side has received a substantial contriubtion from a PAC. Deb Fishcher has $200k plus in her coffers. There mission: remove Obama and every remnant of his time in office.

On the Democrat side, still we wait for Bob Kerrey’s decision. Well at least you can’t call him impulsive, but one has to wonder if this is about mulling over the decision or something more political that is happening behind the scenes.

I have a KOLN interview next week.

Potted plants and chopped livers.

20 Jan

One of my favorite lines has always been “what am I ? A potted plant?” And that’s how I feel when the local media cover the Kerrey “Indecision 2012” story mentioning several other local political figures who aren’t even running and dismissing someone who is. It doesn’t seem to be the perogatiive of the media to choose who to anoint to candidacy. I suppose they realize I won’t be spending $1m on their stations. Politics is the biggest business.

Speak your mind.

19 Jan

Lustgarten 4 U.S. Senate in Nebraska 2012

13 Jan

Ok, I’ve taken the plunge to

America- Gateway to Freedom

run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska. Just setting up my blog now so check back and see what I have to mutter about.